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Bicycle rack
Table and chairs
Set of towels
Kitchen ware
Child seat
Snow chains
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Why to rent a motorhome

Trip or holiday with a motorhome? A new world is opening before you where you have the full freedom to travel where you want , when you want to relax and enjoy fully your spare time. You can visit countless places that you dream so far in the country and abroad without depending on anything or anyone, without following strictly defined route and schedule. Everything is in your hands; it's so easy and enjoyable! Vacationing with a camper has many advantages - it's the perfect family time. Travel comfortably according to your own rhythm, you can stop and explore everything in its path, to rest for snacks or coffee, surrounded by home, cozy atmosphere. You have your own bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and a vehicle , and when you're done, just drive off again. This is a great way to travel with children - they can play, watch movies, eat and sleep or use the bathroom at any time. If you already own a camper , but you want to relax with your friends who have not traveled in this way, a great start for them to rent a camper van and leaving together where you decided . And why not change your direction or is literally to solve day to day? Rental motorhome is suitable for people who are unable to travel frequently throughout the year, but would like to spend one or more such vacations. This will give them freedom from the year-round maintenance of the motorhome , while giving them the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful experience. Wild places, beautiful scenery, historical monuments, luxurious without dress code and mode clock and without restrictions. This is also a good opportunity and a good start for those who are curious how, what and why so many people around the world prefer it. Very often after one or several trips camper tenants decide that this will be their main way of spending free time, then invest in their own motto caravan . We wish you a pleasant time and good luck!